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i’m building my recluse fortress. got some wax fruit, a tin can telephone with veronica lake talking on loop on the other end, what else?

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September 20 2014

i’m so removed from what’s socially reasonable but there’s a weird contingent of people from my high school on fb who comment on any post from a classmate of ours regardless of whether it’s content is really inclusive toward fringe friends from the past and bombard it with old jokes. and like someone just tagged me in one abt some weirdos health problems and it’s a joke about me being a stoner? and my hs English teacher commented too. i feel real embarrassed but don’t want to contact this loser to stop so i deleted my fb which i only usually do on my birthday. cool

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September 18 2014

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September 13 2014

this is like the most comforting song

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September 7 2014
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Hunky Dory - It’s Love

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September 7 2014
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look @ how pleasant this bathroom door is. it’s love’s easy tears.

look @ how pleasant this bathroom door is. it’s love’s easy tears.

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September 3 2014

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August 29 2014

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August 26 2014

always thought i’d become more tolerant of people as i got older. however i find that i’ve only developed the ability to rationalize why i should be more accepting, while finding that i can’t stand people more than ever.

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August 26 2014

i like when tall dwarfs try to be the incredible string band

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August 22 2014