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July 25 2014

he’s a standoffish old dude so it wasn’t too unfortunate but yeah.. i wanted to see them last week or two weeks ago and the tickets were way expensive
yeah the difference between ny and nj ticket prices is really laughable. the show is across the street from my favorite pinball place though so it’s an easy choice.

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July 25 2014

my friend was groped at a gbv show recently i think its just the mood of the crowd at their shows to touch ppl

that’s depressing. i have to say that show was a very unpleasant cross-section of young kids freaking out at every song and typical standoffish nyc concert goers. i do not plan to see them in new york this time around.

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July 25 2014

i need to know when my job starts to confirm if i can see gbv or not.

last time i saw them i was too awkward to look for the coat check so i alternated wearing and holding and wiping beer off it the whole show. some guy i vaguely knew also rubbed my head during echoes myron.

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July 25 2014

Aislers Set reissues!



Slumberland Records and Suicide Squeeze Records are proud to join together to re-release all three albums from seminal indie-pop band The Aislers Set. The albums have been re-mastered and all three will feature new eco-friendly CD packaging and will be available on vinyl LP for the first…

i can finally own the best album of the past 15 years!!

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July 24 2014

Bastard Folk

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July 24 2014
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Shangri La

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July 24 2014

i think i’d paypal someone to skype with me. reasonable rates, obviously.

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July 23 2014

(Source: televandalist, via eye-you)

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July 23 2014

times crossword people: what’s with the weird quasi-holocaust joke for 60 across

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July 22 2014